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Tyreek Hill catches pass from Patrick Mahomes in Madden 22 Franchise. Derrick Henry runs through Miles Jack in Madden 22 Franchise. Aaron Donald sacks Russell Wilson in Madden 22 Franchise.

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Advanced search features enable you to find the perfect players for your fantasy team

Expert Notes

Opinions on each player crafted by our panel of Madden NFL experts

Watch List

Plan your fantasy draft by keeping track of target players in your personal watch list

Draft Templates

Full fantasy draft boards crafted by our expert panel and other Madden Tools users

Scheme Blueprints

Comprehensive fantasy draft guides for specific schemes. Understand the why behind every decision

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Know the fantasy draft order for every fantasy draft using the Madden Tools Draft Board

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Watch your franchise's depth chart fill as you draft your fantasy team

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Collective fantasy draft wisdom from our panel of Madden NFL draft gurus

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Predicted Retirement Ages

Let Machine Learning and Data Science tell you when each player will retire in your Madden franchise

Team Building Guide

This expert crafted guide will keep your team running like a well-oiled machine decades into your franchise

Competitive Strategy

Offensive Schemes

Smashmouth Offense

Let our experts help you grind your opponents into submission with the Smashmouth offensive scheme

Vertical Power Run Offense

After reading this guide, you will be a master of setting up the deep ball. This scheme is all about using power inside and short routes underneath to setup deep bombs to speedy receivers.

Defensive Schemes

4-3 Cover 3 Guide

Simple on the surface, yet ultra-effective. This expert crafted guide will help your team epitomize the "bend but don't break" defensive mindset

3-4 Man Press Guide

The 3-4 Man Press defense will help you learn how to use physicality to stop your opponent’s passing game. With over 40 pages of content, including ideal players, example drafts, and play break downs, this guide is perfect for shutting your opponents down.

Mutliple-D Guide

The most flexible scheme of all. This expert guide combines aspects from all other schemes into one, with the downside of personnel being very specific