How to do a Madden NFL 22 Fantasy Draft

The Madden 22 fantasy draft allows you to draft your team in a fantasy football style. The draft is like a great NFL reset where no player belongs to any team and everyone is up for grabs. If you aren’t careful, you can easily overreach and end up with a suboptimal team.

This guide will show you how to start your Madden NFL 22 fantasy draft and provide some guidance so you can create the best possible team.

How to Start Your Fantasy Draft

madden nfl 22 franchise fantasy league start menu

To get started, you will need to create a new franchise. You can do this by selecting the Franchise option on the main menu. At the following screen, select Create New League.

madden nfl 22 franchise fantasy roster select menu

At this point, you can select between different roster options. Madden Tools currently uses the most updated rosters provided by Madden. To use the most updated roster AND still have the ability to do a fantasy draft, select Use Active Roster. Whether you choose to create a league on the cloud (allows for a connected franchise experience with friends) or offline (single player mode) is up to you. We would advise choosing the cloud in case you decide to have friends join your league at a later point.

Once the roster finishes importing, you’ll be asked to choose your team. The players on the team do not matter since they will all be selected in the fantasy draft.

madden nfl 22 franchise starting point fantasy draft

Next, you can choose your franchise role, create a custom coach/owner, etc. The most critical step here is choosing the starting point as a fantasy draft. When you select Starting Point, you’ll have three options, the bottom right one being a fantasy draft. Select Fantasy Draft, then once you are satisfied with your other settings, choose Start Playing at the top. Do not start your fantasy draft just yet!

Unlike Madden 21, you cannot change your coach's scheme before the draft in Madden 22. What you can do is look up the archetypes for each scheme for the draft, find your favorite to go along with your play style, and write it down.

madden nfl 22 franchise fantasy start draft prompt

You are now ready to start your fantasy draft! At the Home tab, select Start Your Fantasy Draft, then Start Drafting. The draft will immediately begin! Hopefully, you’ve prepared your fantasy draft watch list ahead of time to ensure you’re not overreaching for any players. The fantasy draft follows a snake draft pattern you’re likely familiar with from fantasy football.

madden nfl 22 franchise fantasy draft main screen

At the main draft screen, you can pause the draft to give yourself more time, but you need to be the commissioner of your league. When you select Make Your Selection, you will enter the fantasy draft board.

madden nfl 22 franchise fantasy draft board

On the left side, you can toggle to see the different positions you’ve already drafted onto your team, their overall grades, and what your next pick is. You can filter between the available players versus drafted players and player positions. You can also sort by the desired attribute, which is much better when you filter down to a specific position.

Congratulations, you’ve started your first Madden 22 fantasy draft! Need help creating a strategy for your first ten picks? We’ve got you covered with our Madden 22 Fantasy Draft - Top 10 Fantasy Rounds Guide.